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English Notebook Drawings by crystalized-darkness English Notebook Drawings by crystalized-darkness
These are drawings that I did on the back cover of my Intro. to College Writing notebook during the extremely boring class. The Sweatshirt, Alien and the words Hoodlien all have to do with each other. Thosea re some concept drawing for a clothing line that I would want to design. I figured he (the alien) could be a sort of logo character or one of them for the line. (Sorta like BAPE with it's Ape logo character). The character with the headband is just some random person. The area where it say Ronell upside down was where I wrote her number when she gave it to me. The other crossed out are was where I had the title of my series i'm working on. Also at the top is an explosion i guess. U can tell I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly bored huh?
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October 11, 2005
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