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Kyubi - 'Create-A-Nin' Entry by crystalized-darkness Kyubi - 'Create-A-Nin' Entry by crystalized-darkness
This is my entry for "The-Z's" create-a-nin contest. The description that was given goes as follows:

"This fear-ridden ninja is very tall and has a boyish build. His ears are small. His almond-shaped eyes are red. He has straight white hair worn in an exotic style. His odd outfits are ussually yellow. He uses a sadistic form of martial arts that emphasizes blows to vital organs. His preffered weapons are knives. He is skilled in cooking, deception, and climbing. He can see the future."

First of all I gave him a very fearless look, as well as made him tall and gave him a "boyish build" (through the lack of hunormous muscles). I also made his ears small and his almond shaped eyes red. The white hair I put in a pretty exotic style with the slicked down and back hair along with two braids as well. I then created a pretty strange looking outfit for him that is mostly yellow as specified. I took care of the "sadistic martial arts that emphasizes blows to vital organs" by the addition of the evil look in his eye, the blood all over the place, and the cut up female body at the lower part of the picture (with her stomach and intestines hanging out). I made his weapon a large red "butcher knife" like knife. I portrayed his skills in cooking, deception and seeing the future through the addition of the crystal ball at his feet. The crystal ball signifies that he can see the future. The person in the crystal ball is Kyubi in disguise as a chef cooking. I showed his skill in climbing with the fact that he is on some sort of mountain plateau high up in the sky show through the sun and clouds being so large in the backround.

Sorry about the fact that it is not digitally colored but I really have no skill in digital coloring and things of that sort so I had no choice but to physically color it. Hope it doesn't deter from my chances.
Hoshi-Jyaki Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2005
I rather like it. Good job! -thumbs up-
crystalized-darkness Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2005
Thank you. ^_^
Was no where near good enough to win though. Need to step up my game. lol
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June 10, 2005
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