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Never Leave Me by crystalized-darkness Never Leave Me by crystalized-darkness
This is the original concept design for the main female character (first of 2) for my (crappily temporarily until I release the actual Name) New Project A. Her name (as of now) is Faye. She is the best friend of the main character of "New Project A" and is really the only person who he hangs out with and vice versa (for most of their lives until the beginning of Season 1/The first Story Arc when the other female character comes and becomes the catalyst for major change in both of their lives). She is manic depressive, hates being alone, schitzophrenic and has a VERY unique way of "cutting" herself. She is about 19-22 (haven't really decided yet XD)
Luighseach Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2005   Traditional Artist
I see a very nice style developing here, especially the hips and legs. Still, there are some minot flaws. The hands are too big. The right foot looks awkward, and I can't tell if she's wearing shoes or if you just didn't finish the drawing because the feet are drawn lighter than the rest of the girl. The tip of the right foot should be a little more to the right (right if you look at the picture, so in the direction of her other leg). Her left foot is now lower than her right. This is only possible if she would be stretching her leg forward, thus placing the foot closer to the viewer, but she's not. Right now, if you measure both legs, you'll find her left leg is longer than her right. By drawing her left leg slanting (this word came from the dictionary, does it make sense?) it doesn't get as far to the floor as her right foot. If you draw the legs the same length, the ankle of the left leg will be a bit further above the floor and you can place her left foot under that without worrying about it getting lower than her right foot.
Last: her neck is a bit too long and I think her hair is too big. I realise it's style, but still.
Thank you. and I realized all of this stuff after your last post. These things (neck length, leg placement and foot placement) seem to be major issues I need to focus on more. And I actually did leave her feet undone. Created a design for sneakers on a seperate page but didn't want to show then on her (as of yet). And the hairstyle was supposed to be big like that. I know it looks weird tho.
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September 5, 2005
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