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New Project A
Episode One Script

(It is nighttime and it is pouring rain, showering what seems to be a dead city. A girl sits quietly in an alley with her face held down, in a state of silent depression. She slowly raises her head, her face shadowed by her neck length red tinted orange hair. As she raises her head we are able to see that her eyes are closed. She slowly opens her eyes to reveal that they are a brilliant emerald color. She stops at about half way and stares straight ahead.)

Girl: Maybe this is just a dream…if it is.........please don’t wake me up.

(She sits as if unfazed as a shadowed figure runs down the alleyway past her causing a gust of wind and her hair to blow to the side. Seconds after that a swarm of mysterious shadow like beings run past, engulfing the alleyway and shrouding the girl from sight. When they have passed the girl is nowhere to be found.)

(Screen goes black)

Girl’s Voice: …Because…this just might be fun.

(We then see the girls face close up. It changes features into that of a totally different person, female. The person smiles)

(Screen fades to black)


(Opening Credits and Opening Movie Roll - Heavily edited one that doesn’t actually reveal any character identities - unique for the first episode)


(Screen goes to a gloomy city where the streets are packed with people of all different kinds walking to their desired destinations.)

(The screen pulls closer to the crowd and focuses toward a single person walking with his back to the camera. He is dressed in a wool hat, a trench coat with the sleeves rolled up showing the long sleeve striped shirt under it. The man has shoulder length hair that has a very raggedy look to it. He walks through the crowd of people, calmly but as if truly needing to get somewhere. He walks and turns into an alleyway to his right. He walks some ways down the alley and then stops at a door to his right where he enters.)

(There is an engulfing white light that emerges and covers the whole screen)

(On the other side of the door is a large dome looking area where it is covered over by a glass dome, which is encased by broken and rotted wood boards. The camera pans around the room then quickly switches.)

(The scene switches to a girl standing in a fighting stance facing towards the screen amidst the ruins of the room. She is a girl of about seventeen or eighteen and has her hair styled in the fashion of what looks like demon horns pointing out from the upper portions of her head on each side. She has a very intent look on her face, a look of sheer anticipation.)

Girl: Come on Scumbag. Bring it on!

(The camera pans to that of which the girl is facing, intent on fighting. It is a man of about nineteen or twenty. He is a very lanky but fierce looking man with wild hair and an aggressive look in his eyes. He lifts his hands in front of him and folds them and cracks his knuckles. He smiles a sinister grin.)

Man: The games end here little girl. Your luck has run out.

Girl: Oh really now.

(The girl charges forward towards the man and they start off in a barrage of indistinct and uncontrolled kicking and punching. The girl seems to be keeping up pace with the man and seems to be at an equal footing. She dodges a roundhouse kick by a hair by ducking under his leg then jumps up and lands an axe kick to his chest, which I followed by him grabbing her leg.)

Man: Its Over!

(The girl grins.)

Girl: Your right. It is over.

(The girl pushes off the ground with her free leg and spins, landing a kick dead in the mans face, knocking him down and out. The man lays on the ground in a daze, seeing pure stars.)

Voice: Your getting better Nina.

(The screen pans over to the man who walked into the door earlier. The girl just grins from ear to ear as the man walks calmly over to where the fight just occurred.)

Nina: Thanks Boss. I think I went a little overboard though.

(She giggles as the man she just fought gets up, stumbling around as if he was dizzy from just spinning around. He gains some kind of composure and shakes his head. He then starts to rub where he just got kicked.)

Man: Damn Nina. Not so hard next time. We’se was just practicin’.

(Nina continues to grin.)

Nina: Sorry about that, Bleach. I guess I don’t know my own strength.

(The screen then pans back to the man who walked in the door, as he is about to speak.)

Man: Yo, Where’s…

(He stops talking as a blade slides in front of his neck from behind. His face freezes in a sort of fearful yet cautious look. His eyes look to the side that the blade appeared from and waits for the move to be made.)

Person w/ Sword: Looks like it’s your day to die, Domino.

(In an instant, Domino spins around to the back of the man with the sword and restrains his arms behind his back. He puts his arm left arm up to the man with the swords neck and a blade shoots out from underneath his sleeve directly in front of the mans neck. The man is clothed in a black trench coat and little else can be seen about his clothing or his features because a hood shrouds his face.)

Domino: Looks like it’s your day to die.

(Suddenly Nina begins to giggle and Bleach bursts out laughing. A short while after Domino burst out laughing too and the man with the sword as well. He then turns around.)

Domino: Its been a while…Ein.

(The man called Ein seems to respond and pulls off his hood, revealing his face. He pulls off the coat as well to reveal what he is wearing. He is dressed in a t-shirt covered over with a jacket and a vest over that. He also has on a pair of baggy pants and sneakers. He also has gloves on.)

Ein: It sure has.

(They then give each other a quick hug.)

Domino: So how’d your training go?

Ein: That man you sent me to is crazy. He knew what he was doing though. I learned so much from him.

Domino: Like what?

Ein: You’ll find out soon.

(They continuing talking as the camera fades off into a black screen.)


(Screen fades in from black to a dark and shadowy round room. Only only a single office desk adorns the room by the far end near a window. There is an office chair turned away from the screen toward the window. Soon after the screen changed to this room, a mysteriously enshrouded figure walks slowly into the room slowly towards the desk at the back of the room. He gets to the desk a little while later.)

Shrouded Man: Sir, it’s time….

(The chair at the desk then turns around to reveal the man who the shrouded man is speaking to. He is a man that looks to be in about his thirty’s. He is in a black suit and has short black hair. He has very creepy looking green eyes that have a very cold look.)

Man: Everything is in place?

Shrouded Man: Yes… President Faustus. Everything is going as you planned. Shall I proceed with the plan?

Faustus: (He smiles and then turns back around.) Proceed… “Joker”.

(The screen then pans around to reveal the full appearance of the shrouded man. He is clad in a fully black robe except for the white jester mask that he adorns his face with. The mask is decorated with a happy yet sadistic smile. The only actual feature of his face that is visible is his eyes. They begin to glow red seconds after Faustus turns around.)

Joker: Yes sir.

(Joker says as he bows toward Faustus’ back. He then disappears in an explosion of black smoke, leaving the room silent once again.)

(The screen fades to black.)

(Ending credits roll)
This is the first episode script for the anime that I am working on now. I have not created an official name for it yet so it is just being called "New Project A" for now. Hope whoever reads it enjoys it. It'll get better. I promise.
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December 2, 2004
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