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Where's My Other Sock? by crystalized-darkness Where's My Other Sock? by crystalized-darkness
This is a character that I drew while I was watching "Pirates of The Carribean" for the millionth time. Johny Depps little tuft of hair under his lip inspired this. It's like it was calling me and I just had to draw a character with something similar. This characters is actually a little more enlongated though. I went on to draw a full character of of the original inspiration and eventually got down to the feet where I couldn't decide what to draw for originality: barefoot or with socks.....soooooooooo.....I ended up doing both. Whats more original then that? ^_^
Luighseach Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2005   Traditional Artist
Hey! I know you haven't specified advanced critique, but I'm annoying so I'm going to give it to you anyway ;)
Let start at the top and work our way down. First of all, his ears are too high. Ears start at the height of the eyes (the middle of the eyes, to be more precise) and go down all the way to the bottom of the nose.
neck is too long. If you make it about half that long, it's right. Of course, not everyone's neck is the same length, but there comes a point where a long neck is just unstable. You know those women in Africa with the metal rings arounf their neck to make it longer? If they would remove the rings, their neck would break. The neck of your character here is about to be broken ;)
His left shoulder is off his body. You have drawn his shoulder as part of his arm while it is in fact, like his other shoulder, partly above his chest. Only a very small part of the shoulder is on the actual arm.
Where his left arm bends (not his elbow, but the spot on the opposite side of the arm, the inside, does that spot have a name?) is not natural. Look at your own arm when you bend it. It looks different, not so pointy. I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain this better in English.
His ribcase is too small. The ribs go down a pretty long way. Also, his belly is too long and his belly button too low.
His feet are a bit unnatural as well. Standing like that is possible, but it's hard and uncomfortable. His left foot is alright, but his right foot is twisted outwards so far that it's implausible. The knee has to be twisted a great deal and it's not a way anyone would stand. Try drawing the foot pointed forward, or just a bit turned outwards.
Please don't be offended by my comment, it's just meant to make you look at certain points in your drawing to see if they can be improved.
Oh, I totally am not affended by your comment! I am extremely glad that someone actually took the time to tell me what I'm doin wrong. This is extremely a big help! Thanks ^_^
(Would love it if you also critiqued some others)
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July 21, 2005
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